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Edward Clarke 1639[1]-1729

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Edward was the eldest son of Edward Clarke (bap. Henstead 1610), but no date of birth or baptism is given for Edward junior.

Edward's mother is also unknown. No place of birth is available for Edward or his two brothers. The nearest tempter I can find is


No wife or marriage is recorded for Edward, either by Suckling or ASC . This is probably in consequence of his Will being missing.


Writes ASC -

He had issue a son John , who at one time lived at Larlingford . A Mrs. Barlee , writing about the beginning of the last century [2] states that this John Clarke was in the year 1729, Lord of the Manor of East Harling in Norfolk. (This I have been unable to verify. ASC.) in ancient times there were several potential and interesting “ seigniorial rights ” in the Custom Roll of this manor. For instance every tenant of the manor that married out of the homage, was obliged to pay the Lord a bed, bolster, sheet and pillow! This was constantly observed, but in the time of Richard II , the bed was omitted by the Lords kindness. Also every woman that had a bastard paid 2 shillings 8 pence fine, with the exception of widows. The tenants were neither allowed to plant or to fell timber. The copyhold of the Manor descended to the youngest son. John left issue one son Edward. (Blomefield) [3]


Writes ASC -

He is described by Suckling as “of Beccles”, and in another place in Volume II of the History and Antiquities of Suffolk as “collecting land tax in Henstead in the year 1725, two shillings the quarter, in the pound.” [4]

In the lists for the Poll for the Knights of the Shire [5] for the year 1710, Sir John Harmer [6] and Sir Robert Davers , under Henstead we find, John Clarke and Edward Clarke. For 1727, Sir William Barker and Sir Jermyn Davers , again - John Clarke and Edward Clarke.


Writes ASC -

Edward Clarke [7] eldest son of Edward, buried at Henstead

ASC does not appear to have located Edward's will. This likely explains why his details are sketchy. However, Suckling shows on his tree for Clarke

Edward Clarke of Beccles. Will made 1729.

An age at death of around 90? I need convincing.