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Project 'One-foot-in-front-of-the-other'.

In common with others during Covid 'lockdown' I was mostly working from home before a computer screen for five days a week. Two, or even three, times an hour, my 'mouse' finger made a detectable movement. Exhausted through such intense effort, I resorted to the couch for recuperation.

How great was my surprise to hear the word 'obese' at my GP's? Rarely can a patient have received so complete a misdiagnosis. Not for an instant need I have taken seriously their admonishment to get 'some exercise'. You may as well demand that Hercules should peel his own grapes.

So, only to appease these medico-tyrants do I now endure the punishment called walking. Had he survived all his walks then great grandfather would surely have comprehended my maltreatment. Read here, then, the lengths gone to by the NHS to have me flattened by every passing Lanchester .

Suggestions that I use the routes here documented with my 'phone merely to navigate unfamiliar Surrey are baseless and derogatory. I caution any skeptic (who notes that several routes closely pass houses open to the public) against slanderous remark.