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Charles William Barlee 1780-1849

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Intermarriage of Barlee + Clarke

Charles William Barlee married his second cousin once removed: Frances Sarah Mitchell 19 July 1814. Both parties had descent from John Clarke 1672-1740 = Honor Hamond 1672-1736. The marriage ran into difficulties involving Sarah's inherited wealth or, more precisely, Barlee's insatiable urge to control all of it and Sarah herself, too.

Anne, a daughter of John Clarke, married William Pell of Thurlton, Norfolk, January the 14th 1741. She died at Bungay February the 9th 1776, and was buried at Henstead. They had issue, first a son Robert who died without issue in 1760, aet 18, secondly Frances, who married George Mitchell. They had a daughter Frances Sarah who married Charles William Barlee.

Alfred Suckling , in his ' History and Antiquities of the County of Suffolk ', volume 2, page 379 notes the following -

"On a marble monument against the South wall in Henstead Church are the arms of Mitchell - a Chevron between three swans close, bearing Pell in pretence - ermine on a canton azure a Pelican or, vulning herself gul; and this inscription: In a vault in the burial ground of Saint Paul at Debtford in Kent are deposited the remains of George Mitchell, only surviving child of Richard and Sarah Mitchell: of Frances Mitchell his wife, only surviving child of William and Ann Pell, who died in the prime of their days, within six weeks of each other, in the year 1803: and of Mary Ann Mitchell, their daughter, who died in her infancy. This monument is erected to their memory in this church, with every possible sentiment of filial affection and gratitude, by their only surviving child, Frances Sarah Mitchell."

RAC, Jun 2020 Barlee / Clarkeintermarriage John Clarke (1697-1748) Henstead, Sfk John Clarke (1672-1740) Henstead, Sfk Anne Clarke (-1776) Honor Clarke (-1781) John Clarke (1729-1773) Henstead, Sfk Charles Clarke (1767-1835) Beccles, Sfk. Frances Pell (-1803) Frances Sarah Mitchell (1781-1854) Charles William Barlee (1780-1849) = Catharine Matchet (1758-1826)